Recent Publications

Trade Justice and the Least-Developed Countries (With Tadhg Ó Laoghaire). 2022. The Journal of Political Philosophy.

In Adam Smith’s Own Words: The Role of Virtues in the Relationship Between Free Market Economies and Societal Flourishing, A Semantic Network Data-Mining Approach (with J. J. Graafland). 2020. Journal of Business Ethics DOI : 10.1007/s10551-020-04521-5.

What Adam Smith Really Thought Should Not Matter. 2019. Business Ethics Journal Review.

Just End Poverty Now: The Case for a Global Minimum Income. 2019. Basic Income Studies . SSRN version. (Winner of the 2017 Basic Income Studies Prize.)

The Path to Gun Control in America Goes Through Political Philosophy. 2019. Public Philosophy Journal, 2 (1). DOI: 10.25335/ppj.2.1-4 (pdf)

Book Review of Hugh Lafollette. In Defense of Gun Control. USA. Oxford University Press. September 2019. Bioethics.