Critical Remarks


-Ensure that you have read the texts with some care

-Ensure that you bring second order reflections to the seminar so that the class discussion can be more productive.


-Not a summary

-Say something about each text (but no need for balance - can be done as part of a thematic analysis)

-Short but intelligible arguments

-2/3 to 1 page (no more)

-Include your name

-Submit in advance of class to me (by email or hardcopy)

-Bring it with you to the class for you to consult

(NB if you miss classes you will still need to send me the critical remarks on the relevant texts in order to get a grade for the course.)

What are critical remarks?

-Identify issues, claims, arguments, implications you find interesting and significant and say why

-Criticise particular claims, perspectives, and arguments on grounds such as factual inaccuracy, poor construction, incompleteness, etc.

-Analyse central themes and relations to other texts and perspectives (including non-assigned reading)

Example (not the 'correct' reading)