Thomas Wells

About me

I lecture in business ethics and the philosophy of social science at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. 

My background is in philosophy at the University of Durham in the UK (BA & MA) followed by an MA and PhD in philosophy and economics at the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics in Rotterdam. 
Research interests

Social philosophy, 
business ethics, moral philosophy, political philosophy, economic methodology, philosophy of human development, environmental ethics.
Current Academic Projects

Founder and editor of the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, an international peer-reviewed academic journal on the history, methodology and ethics of economics.

Co-Editor of the Adam Smith section in the “Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management” (Springer, forthcoming 2015).

Public Philosophy

I blog on philosophy, politics and economics at The Philosopher's Beard. I also write for Aeon Magazine3 Quarks Daily, The Critique, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and various other non-academic magazines.

Contact address

t.r.wells [at]

Photograph by Sarai Aser

               [Photo by Sarai Aser]